7.3.1846 Parma/I - 3.8.1931 Parma/I
Ildebrando Nazzani graduated as a civil engineer from Politecnico in Milan. Based on his successful book series on hydraulics, he was from the 1870s a professor at the Royal Italian Mining School, later a professor of industrial mechanics at the Palermo Regio Istituto Tecnico, then he directed the Scuola dei Capofontanieri in Palermo, where irrigation and drainage engineers were educated. By the end of the 19th century, Nazzani moved to Rome and there took over as the hydraulics professor at the Reale Scuola d'Applicazione per gli Ingegneri. This institution eventually developed into La Sapienza University of Italy's capital, one of the major Italian university of the 20th century.
Nazzani was one of the few Italian hydraulicians of the second half of the nineteenth century having left a rich bibliography. His 1876 book treats mainly problems in hydrostatics with applications to naval engineering. The book review of Edouard Collignon (1831-1913) states that hydraulics has received much input from Italy over the past centuries and that Nazzani was a honorable representative of the then contemporary school. The book was therefore stated to be an important addition to the hydraulic literature. The 1883 book is subdivided in four parts, including a historical account on the developments of hydraulics, hydrostatics, hydrodynamics and hydraulic engineering. Examples are added to the latter chapters for students and practicing engineers, to whom the book was mainly proposed.
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