26.5.1908 Voorburg/NL - 20.10.1992 Wageningen/NL
Wilhelmus Petrus Antonius van Lammeren graduated as a mechanical engineer from Technical University Delft TUD and there gained his PhD title in 1938. He joined in 1930 the Dutch Naval Experiment Tank, Wageningen and there essentially stayed for the next decade as a research engineer. van Lammeren was appointed in 1952 professor of naval architecture at TUD and there was responsible for naval machinery, a topic that he had dealt with during his past years both in theory and applications with the Dutch naval industry. In parallel, he also served as the Editor of the Dutch technical journals Schip en Werf and of the International Shipbuilding Progress. von Lammeren was awarded in 1961 the William Froude Gold Medal of the Institution of Naval Architects.
van Lammeren was mainly interested in laboratory experimentation. His 1938 paper reports of scale effects due to viscosity, by which the up-scaling of lab observations to a prototype is complicated. Normally, ships are hydraulically modeled using the Froude similitude law as was introduced in the 1860s by William Froude (1810-1879). van Lammeren's 1942 paper relates to the laboratory measurement of ship resistance, the issue in the optimization of naval engineering, both in terms of speed and economy. This work was expanded in 1948, thereby also including steering effects of boats and the best means of propulsion in general. The Dutch Naval Tank was described in 1952, the year van Lammeren took over as professor at TUD.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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