2.6.1851 Alkmaar/NL - 31.3.1931 Clarens/CH
Johannes Nuhout van der Veen graduated as a civil engineer from the Delft Polytechnic in 1875. Because job conditions in the Netherlands were unfavorable in this time, he decided to emigrate to the Dutch Indies Colony, where he was taken into service in 1876. His first project was the Brantas Dam close to the city of Lengkong. Nuhout was promoted in 1881 to engineer of second class of the local Waterstaat and posted first engineer in Japara. In 1885, Nuhout was active for a harbor project in Ketapan Doea, where the tropical climate caused problems to most workers: Nuhout was infected with Malaria. Therefore he was transferred as chief engineer of the Waterstaat Direction in Batavia. Some of the works that were executed during this period are reviewed in the 1897 Memorial report.
Nuhout was appointed first engineer of the Dutch Indies Colony in 1894, and he took over direction of the Irrigation Department in 1902 as a Court Engineer of the first class. He was awarded the Order of the Dutch Lion in 1903 and in 1904 returned to the Netherlands. Nuhout may be compared with the Colonial engineers of the British Empire in India, where the irrigation techniques were considerably developed, and hydraulic guidelines were elaborated, based mainly on a combination of traditional methods with technical know-how developed in the old continent. Nuhout summarized the findings of his department in the 1907 report, where he described the issues adopted for a successful irrigation technique in a country such as modern Indonesia. Nuhout retired in 1910 from the irrigation service and moved to Switzerland, where he passed his last years at Lake Geneva.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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