21.6.1917 Krasnoe Selo/RU - 19.6.1975 Leningrad/RU
Sergei Vasilievich Vallander graduated in 1939 from the Leningrad State University. He continued as a post-graduate student at the Moscow University and collaborated with Il'ya Afanas'evich Kibel (1904-1970) in aerodynamics. During World War II Vallander served in the Soviet air force taking part in transatlantic flights. In 1946, he returned to Leningrad and there worked on problems in wave hydrodynamics. He defended his PhD thesis in 1946 and submitted the Doctoral thesis in 1949. His work involved wings subjected to supersonic flow, for which he was awarded a Premium. Vallander was a professor at the Leningrad State University from 1950 and headed its Scientific Seminar known as a "Mecca in aerodynamics". He was awarded the Lenin Order, two Red Banner Orders, and the Red Star Order for his research. He was elected in 1966 a Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and decorated in 1973 the State Premium.
Vallander was a famous specialist in the theory of steady gas dynamics, in supersonic flows, and in the aerodynamic behavior of wings in supersonic flow. His interest in aerodynamics grew as a boy when participating in the Soviet All-Union aviation competitions on Crimea and where he headed an aviation circle. He also was a winner of the first Olympics in mathematics during his high school years. Later, he proved that the Mach similitude law describes supersonic problems. He expanded the theory of supersonic flow to the fully nonlinear governing equations and proposed methods for their integration. From 1959 he was interested in the dynamics of rarefied gases and their applications to space flight. Later he expanded his approach to gas movement in a forced field by including the effect of chemical reactions.
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