.. 1907 Istanbul/TR - 19.10.1963 Istanbul/TR
Necati Engez graduated as a civil engineer from the Istanbul Technical University in 1931. During the following two years he was a collaborator of the State Water Works and returned to his University in 1933 as an assistant. He gained his PhD title from the Berlin Technical University in 1942, and then again returned to his University, where he was in 1956 appointed professor of hydraulic engineering. In parallel, he headed the Engineering Division until his death in 1963. Engez founded in the 1950s also the Hydraulic Laboratory of the Istanbul University.
The main contributions of Engez are in hydraulic structures, an important aspect for the hydropower production of his country. Currently, Turkey is the European country with the largest number of dam projects both under design and execution. The large schemes are erected on the two main Turkish Rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigris Rivers. During his PhD thesis, Engez investigated the effect of silt on the resistance characteristics of pipe flow. This aspect was found to be relatively small in the usual sediment concentrations encountered in practice, but it may become large for high concentration flows. Later, around 1960, Engez investigated a ski jump energy dissipator. This hydraulic element was successfully implanted in a large number of spillways provided large specific discharges are considered and the take-off velocity is at least of the order of 15 m/s. Further, this procedure requires large space which is not always available in narrow gorges or in places with a developed infrastructure. His 1961 paper reviews discharge coefficients of weir structures for a number of crest geometries. The discharge coefficient is directly related to the discharge and therefore is an index of the hydraulic capacity of a weir. Other important aspects to be considered is the cavitation risk, safety against weir overtopping and economy.
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