18.9.1917/RU - 6.6.1995 Moscow/RU
Kirill Konstantinovich Kuzmin graduated in 1940 from the Electric Power department of the Moscow Power Institute and started his engineering career with the Moscow design board Glavgidrostroi. After war service until 1945 he was appointed Lecturer at the Moscow Power Institute from where he left in 1951 to collaborate for the design and construction of the hydroelectric power plants on Volga River. Later, he was also a chief engineer for the Aswan high dam project in Egypt, in which Russians have contributed considerably. In 1977, Kuzmin was appointed chief engineer of the Krasnoyarsk hydropower scheme, where he worked for almost twenty years and passed suddenly away. He there made a great contribution to the erection of one of the world's largest hydropower developments.
Kuzmin authored a number of technical papers in hydropower engineering. He developed the low-head hydropower technique and provided special stilling basins that respond to the flow instability encountered under such circumstances. Around 1980, Kuzmin was a chief engineer with the Krasnoyarsk Board where he was involved in the design of one of the World's largest river hydropower projects, the Sayano-Shushenskoe scheme in Eastern Siberia located on Jenissei River. After 18 years of considerable work, Kuzmin was present when the scheme was inaugurated. By his design of some of the Volga dams, he contributed to the national energy base. Kuzmin was awarded the orders of the Red Banner of Labor, and the Medal of Labor Process. The presidium of the Supreme Soviets of the Kirgiz SSR conferred on him the title Honored Power Specialist for his great services in power development for that Soviet Republic.
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Hydraulicians in Europe 1800-2000 . 2013.

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